Brant or Brent?

Coming back from New York City today across the Hudson river, devoid of icebergs despite the ice-storms of the previous few days, I saw my first Brant of the year. Foraging on the broken terminus of an old tea-clipper pier, a small group of 7 birds gathered.

The brent geese are just out of sight at the end of the abandoned pier, which is currently a pretty active roost of ring-bills, herring and great black-backeds. Every once in a while I see a local juvenile peregrine bomb through this roost, and the ring-bills rise like confetti on the wind.

I've never got to the bottom of why this taxon is called Brant in the US and Brent in the UK. Is it just an accent thing? The genus is Branta so you'd favour the Americans in this case, but then again the naming of the oil trading commodity Brent crude derived from the bird too. 

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