In Darwin's Footsteps

2009 is the year of Charles Darwin. Not only is it the anniversary of his birth but also that of the publication of On the Origin of Species, 50 years later.

In collaboration with Manchester Museum and University, Ben is exhibiting a wonderful collection of images from one of our 2009 trips to Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia, retracing the steps Darwin took. Dominic has taken many clients on hunts for Darwin’s past, and the ethnological history of the Beagle Channel region is a particular interest of his, so it’s great to bring it all together in the amazing Victorian buildings of Manchester University.

What Darwin and Fitz Roy saw as they entered the Beagle Channel and took respite from the storms of the Marie Strait and the circumpolar winds of the Southern Ocean.

Chilean Flamingos surprised Darwin just as they surprise people today.

The realm of The Beagle. A black browed albatross in the fjord that ultimately bore Darwin's name, Seno Darwin.

A Chilean skua patrols the waters before the sharp outline of Mount Olivia. In many of the paintings by The Beagle's artist, Conrad Martens, variations on Mount Olivia's outline appear as symbolic testament to the wildness of Tierra del Fuego...

Midsummer snows. One of the most exciting things about visiting Tierra del Fuego is that you simply don't know from one day to the next whether you'll be sauntering in the sunshine and getting a tan, or braving the snow and katabatic winds.

After its extended run in Manchester, the exhibition of around 25 imags is now available for hire.
Drop Ben (or me) an email if you would like some information.

More of the shots can be viewed on the galleries at www.Benhallphotography.com

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